Research Registry List

Registration Date Research Registry No Principle Investigator Field Title of Research Starting Year
Registration Date Research Registry No Principle Investigator Field Title of Research Starting Year
2020-02-21 PLRID-00007_V7 Moh Moh Htun Bacteriology Development of a microfluidic chip protein array as a serodiagnostic tool of early detection of pneumococcal infection 2020
2020-02-19 HRID-00192_V5 Moe Kyaw Myint Reproductive Health 2018 Health Facility Assessment for Reproductive Health Commodities and Services 2018
2020-02-19 CTRID-00192_V1 Moe Kyaw Myint Parasitology Efficacy and safety of artemether-lumefantrine and dihydroartemisinin & piperaquine phosphate for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum in Ta Mu Township, Sagaing Region 2019
2020-02-19 PLRID-00192_V1 Moe Kyaw Myint Parasitology Diagnosis of malaria infections among migrant people in endemic area 2019
2020-02-19 PLRID-00192_V2 Moe Kyaw Myint Virology Clinical and virological characterization of dengue virus infection among dengue suspected patients admitted at Pyin Oo Lwin General Hospital (2019-2021) 2019
2020-02-18 PLRID-00191_V3 Nan Cho Nwe Mon Oncology Molecular characterization of KRAS mutational status and clinicopathological features of adenocarcinoma lung cancer patients in Yangon Specialty Hospital 2020
2020-02-17 PLRID-00398_V6 Nyein Nyein Thaung Medical Microbiology Detection of Carbapenemase-Producing Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae among clinical samples at Mandalay General Hospital 2020
2020-02-17 PLRID-00398_V7 Nyein Nyein Thaung Medical Microbiology Study of Intestinal Worm Infestation among Adult People at Pin-Tee Village, Pyin Oo Lwin Township 2015
2020-02-17 PLRID-00625_V1 Tint Swe Latt Public Health Trans-cultural study of dietary habits and physical activities among patients with diabetes and non-diabetes persons in Myanmar and Thailand (Myanmar Study) 2019
2020-02-14 HRID-00071_V8 Softcomm Adult Health Nursing Health Research 2020
2020-02-11 PLRID-00090_V4 Nyein Ei Khine Virology Serology and molecular detection of Cytomegalovirus infection in transfusion-dependent thalassemia major patients in two tertiary care hospitals, Myanmar 2019
2020-02-10 PLRID-00626_V2 Khaing Nyein Pwint Dentistry Identification of Second Mesiobuccal Canal in Maxillary First Permanent Molars 2018
2020-02-06 PLRID-00527_V6 WIN MIN THIT Neurology Apolipoprotein E genotyping in Alzheimer's disease and other dementia disorders 2019
2020-02-05 PLRID-00628_V1 Aung San Min Dentistry Effectiveness of Complete Dentures Constructed with and without Facebow Record 2018
2020-02-04 PLRID-00135_V3 Dr Saw Thein Public Health Complementary study on Detection of Pulmonary TB by using TB-LAMP diagnostic tool at four active case finding sites, Yangon 2020
2020-02-03 PLRID-00305_V2 Aye Aye Win Paediatrics Seroprevalence of viral hepatitis A, B, C and E infection among children presenting with jaundice at Yankin Children Hospital 2020
2020-02-03 PLRID-00527_V5 WIN MIN THIT Neurology Reference values for nerve conduction among normal healthy subjects in Myanmar 2019
2020-01-31 PLRID-00601_V1 Thazin Aung Nutrition Serum vitamin D3 status of outdoor workers in Yangon Region during wet and dry seasons 2019
2020-01-29 PLRID-00304_V5 Ssu Wynn Mon Oncology Feasibility and validity of Integrated Palliative care Outcome Scale (IPOS) Myanmar version 2020
2020-01-29 PLRID-00527_V2 WIN MIN THIT Neurology Study on Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Accessibility to health care service for stroke risk factors modification among patients with first ever stroke at tertiary care hospitals in Myanmar 2017
2020-01-29 PLRID-00574_V2 Nyein Moh Moh Myint Adult Health Nursing Effectiveness of Structured Health Education Module about Breast Self-Examination Based on Health Belief Model on Belief and Behaviors of Young Women in Rural Area of Meiktilar Township, Myanmar 2020
2020-01-29 PLRID-00104_V11 Thet Thet Mar Biochemistry Alternative utilization of in house recombinant PLA2 for therapeutic antidote of Russell’s Viper (Daboia siamensis) venom gland 2019
2020-01-28 PLRID-00590_V6 Wai Lei Lei Khing Community Health Nursing Effect of monitoring and supporting patients with chronic heart failure at home 2020
2020-01-24 PLRID-00527_V1 WIN MIN THIT Neurology Study on treatment outcomes of ischemic stroke patients with onset within 24 hours admitted to Neurology Department, Yangon General Hospital 2017
2020-01-24 PLRID-00614_V1 Kay Thwe Hnin Mental Health Nursing Lived Experiences on Family Members of Amphetamine Users 2020
2020-01-24 PLRID-00629_V1 Thida Yamin Pyone Bacteriology A cross-sectional study of the prevalence of chlamydia and gonorrhoea infections diagnosed using a point of care nucleic acid amplification test (Xpert® CT/NG) among female sex workers attending MAM satellite clinic in Hpakant, Myanmar, nested with a pil 2020
2020-01-23 PLRID-00595_V1 Chit Hnin Phyu Mental Health Nursing Lived experiences of the elderly patients with multiple chronic conditions 2020
2020-01-23 PLRID-00615_V2 Lynn Thwe Thwe Aung Mental Health Nursing Nurses' Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Psychiatric Patients' Safety 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00589_V1 Wut Yee Phyo Community Health Nursing Promotion of nutrition knowledge, self-efficacy and dietary practices among malnourished primary school children’s mothers 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00592_V1 Khin Kyawt Kyawt Phyu Child Health Nursing Awareness of Health Information Package Regarding Diarrhea on Caregivers of Under Five Children 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00593_V1 Aye Chan Cho Child Health Nursing Effect of Health Information on Maternal Readiness regarding Preterm Infant Care 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00596_V2 Thet Hnin Wai Child Health Nursing Effect of Asthma Control Intervention on Caregivers of Children with Bronchial Asthma 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00598_V1 Ei Myat Mon Community Health Nursing Health Education Practice among Nurses and Nursing personnel working in Township Health Departments, Yangon Region 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00599_V1 Su Mon Phway Child Health Nursing Effect of Balloon Blowing on Respiratory Parameters among Children with Respiratory Symptoms 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00602_V1 San Mo No Child Health Nursing Effect of Health Information Regarding Supportive Care for Children with Leukemia among Caregivers 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00604_V1 Mya Sandar Community Health Nursing A Case Study on Family Living with Diabetes Mellitus Patient 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00605_V1 Nwe zin nyein Child Health Nursing Effect of Educational Care Package on Maternal Knowledge about Infant Development 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00611_V1 Htun Htun Min Nursing Factors influencing depression among people living with HIV/AIDS 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00617_V1 Theingi Myint Hmo Critical Care Nursing Effect of High Flow Nasal Cannula and Early Mobilization on Functional capacity in Cardiac Surgery Patients 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00619_V1 Yee Yee Thu Mental Health Nursing The lived experiences of single mothers 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00620_V1 Soe Aein Si Swe Mental Health Nursing Survivors' Experiences in Facing with Cancer 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00621_V1 May Thu Myint Mental Health Nursing Lived Experiences of Parents with Juvenile Delinquents 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00622_V1 Tin Tin Si Mental Health Nursing The Lived Experiences of Adolescents with Haematological Malignancies 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00623_V1 Ei Thinzar Win Nursing Effect of exercise with cold application on patients with operated malunited distal radius fracture 2020
2020-01-22 PLRID-00624_V1 Zin Myat Soe Critical Care Nursing Effect of Abdominal Massage and Stretching Exercise on Gastrointestinal Functions among Mechanically Ventilated Patients 2020
2020-01-21 PLRID-00548_V1 Yin Min Thwe Bacteriology “Reporting of water sample surveillance testing for "water safety" from hospitals in Yangon region during 2018 and 2019: coverage and quality?” 2020
2020-01-21 PLRID-00573_V1 Win Thandar Oo Microbiology Point prevalence survey of antimicrobials consumption and resistance at Yangon General Hospital and Yangon Children Hospital in Myanmar, 2019 2019
2020-01-17 PLRID-00594_V1 Aye Aye Mon Community Health Nursing Knowledge, attitudes and practices of mothers regarding nutrition of under one year children 2020
2020-01-17 PLRID-00606_V1 Wut Yee Hnin Community Health Nursing Knowledge, Attitude and Involvement of Husbands in Maternal Health 2020
2020-01-17 PLRID-00608_V2 Thida Oo Nursing Study on the Maternal and Child Health Care Activties among Midwives 2020
2020-01-16 HRID-00495_V2 Myat Nyan Dentistry Evaluation of oral health related quality of life after rehabilitation with single implant retained mandibular complete overdenture in elderly patients 2018
2020-01-16 PLRID-00597_V1 Khin Win Pyei Pyei Phyoe Community Health Nursing Roles and Challenges of Basic Health Service Professionals for Tuberculosis Control in Yangon Region 2020
2020-01-16 PLRID-00603_V1 Sandar Win Child Health Nursing Lived Experiences of Mothers with Preterm Infants 2020
2020-01-16 PLRID-00607_V1 May Moe Oo Critical Care Nursing Effectiveness of Pulmonary Rehabilitative Activities among Mechanically Ventilated Patients 2019
2020-01-16 PLRID-00610_V1 Hnin Pwint Aung Critical Care Nursing Lived experiences of patients on mechanical ventilation: A phenomenological approach 2020
2020-01-16 PLRID-00613_V1 Zin Phyu Myint Critical Care Nursing Effect of endotracheal tube cuff pressure adjustment after body positioning on clinical outcomes among ventilated pediatric patients 2020
2020-01-16 PLRID-00618_V1 Lwin Lwin Thant Nursing Factors influencing psychological distress in Lung Cancer patients 2020
2020-01-12 PLRID-00545_V1 Pan Ei Soe Bacteriology Prevalence and risk factors associated with methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in healthcare settings in Myanmar (2018 and 2019) 2019
2020-01-10 PLRID-00572_V1 Dr.Zay Ya Minn Public Health Effectiveness of abate and larva control measures on Aedes aegpyti larvae density in selected villages of Pathein Township 2019
2020-01-08 PLRID-00031_V3 Thi Thi Htoon Public Health Operational Research on Awareness of Antimicrobial Resistance among Mobile Phone Users in Myanmar 2020
2020-01-08 PLRID-00578_V1 Phyo Theingi Public Health Prevalence of depression and its associated factors among the patients with Multi-drug Resistant tuberculosis in Myanmar 2019
2020-01-07 PLRID-00576_V1 May Sein Ba Neurology Factors influencing quality of life among family caregivers of persons with stroke attending stroke unit of government hospitals in Myanmar 2020
2020-01-07 PLRID-00577_V1 Kyi May Htwe Hepatology Detection of Hepatitis C viral antibody in dried blood spot (DBS) samples by using Enzyme Immuno- Assay 2019
2020-01-04 PLRID-00427_V1 Thandar Tun Public Health Infection Prevention and Control in selected hospitals of Yangon Region, Myanmar:where do we stand? A Mixed methods study 2020
2020-01-04 PLRID-00559_V1 Win Pa Sandar Microbiology “Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in wound infections at Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar in 2018: A mixed-methods study” 2019
2020-01-03 PLRID-00568_V3 May Soe Aung Public Health Development of intervention package among main caregivers of pregnant women and its effect on continuum of care in rural areas of Yangon Region 2019
2020-01-02 PLRID-00565_V1 SOE MIN OO Public Health Effect of Display Screen Exposure on the Refractive Error and the effectiveness of the custom spectacle and ready-made spectacle interventions in improving visual acuity among school children of urban setting in Yangon, Myanmar 2019
2019-12-27 PLRID-00483_V2 Khin Phyu Phyu Others Survey on child development and growth in the arsenic contaminated area of Myanmar 2019
2019-12-26 PLRID-00563_V1 JA MOON AUNG Public Health Prevalence of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency distribution in Myitkyina, Kachin State, Myanmar 2019
2019-12-20 PLRID-00562_V2 Mya Palael Thwe Others Body Composition of Selected Martial Art Athletes in Institute of Sports and Physical Education (I.S.P.E), Yangon 2019
2019-12-19 CTRID-00536_V2 Hnin Aye Kyu Reproductive Health Effect of An Intervention to Improve the Sexual and Reproductive Health Literacy of University Students in Magway City of Myanmar 2019
2019-12-13 PLRID-00554_V1 Thinzar Kyaw Public Health Knowledge. Attitude And Barrier Survey On Practice Towards Malaria Elimination ln Myanmar Among Quality General Practitioners Of MMA QDSTM Project 2019
2019-12-12 PLRID-00393_V2 San San Htwe Others Identification of immunoglobulin isotypes in multiple myeloma patients admitted to Department of Clinical Haematology, Yangon General Hospital 2019
2019-12-11 CTRID-00476_V4 MYAT HTUT NYUNT Parasitology Improvement of management of febrile cases in low-medium malaria endemic areas in Myanmar by using a combined malaria and CRP test 2019
2019-12-04 PLRID-00008_V5 Min Min Win Pathology Detection of dengue virus in human tissues of dengue autopsy cases by immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization 2018
2019-12-02 PLRID-00008_V4 Min Min Win Pathology KRAS mutation pattern in Colorectal Cancer patients attending 1000 bedded Naypyitaw General Hospital 2019
2019-12-02 PLRID-00121_V2 Khaing Nwe Tin Obstetrics & Gynecology Global Maternal Sepsis Study: Maternal deaths and near-miss reviews assessment 2019
2019-12-02 PLRID-00550_V4 Myat Pann Nu Naing Child Health Nursing Factors predicting Self-efficacy in providing Home Care among Mothers of Children with Pneumonia in Yangon, Myanmar 2019
2019-12-02 PLRID-00551_V1 Kyawt Mon Win Public Health Impact of mosquito topical repellents and extended standard interventions on malaria control and elimination in Myanmar 2019
2019-11-29 HRID-00544_V1 Phone Thit AIDS/HIV 15 years of HIV care delivery in a multi-centre cohort: health workforce burden outcomes and continued positive programme outcomes following implementation of task shifting and a differentiated model of care in Myanmar 2019
2019-11-26 PLRID-00541_V1 kyaw phyo paing Public Health Barriers and enablers of External Quality Assessment (EQA) for Acid Fast Bacilli smear microscopy at laboratory facilities of selected regions and state in Myanmar 2019
2019-11-25 PLRID-00168_V3 Khin Hnin Pwint Others Country-wide antibiotic consumption in public hospitals before and after decentralisation of drug procurement in Myanmar 2019
2019-11-24 PLRID-00540_V2 AUNG ZAW LATT Virology Detection of Endemic and emerging arboviruses from encephalitis patients admitted to Yankin Children Hospital 2019
2019-11-23 PLRID-00539_V1 Win Thida Htwe Nutrition Comparison on effect of glucose, oral rehydration fluid and soy milk supplementation during recovery period on the aerobic performance capacity of adolescent athletes 2019
2019-11-22 PLRID-00119_V2 Dr. Kyaw Thet Aung Public Health Incidence and types of sport injuries and illnesses among athletes attending in 19 th ASEAN University Game 2019
2019-11-22 PLRID-00542_V1 Myat Phone Kyaw Infection Control Malaria Epidemiology in Southeast Asia: Intra- and Inter-Country Dynamics in Myanmar at 5 Sentinel sites 2018
2019-11-22 PLRID-00543_V1 Aung Pyae Phyo Public Health An Exploratory Study on Illicit Drug Use among Adolescents in Myanmar: Perspectives of Adolescents and Health Care Providers 2019
2019-11-19 PLRID-00098_V2 Khin Than Yee Immunology Efficacy of monospecific antiserum raised in rabbits against Myanmar green pit viper venom 2019
2019-11-19 PLRID-00538_V1 Ommar Swe Tin Virology Pilot evaluation of the use of measles/rubella surveillance specimens for sentinel surveillance of Zika and other Arboviral infections in Myanmar 2019
2019-11-07 HRID-00534_V1 Ei Thandar Oo Clinical Pharmacy Effect of pharmaceutical care on knowledge, attitude and practice of asthma patients 2019
2019-11-01 PLRID-00406_V2 AYE AYE LWIN Immunology Determination of transforming growth factor β1 level and gene polymorphism, as useful serological markers for hepatocellular carcinoma 2019
2019-10-31 PLRID-00175_V2 Dr. Han Win Medicine Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome among adolescent students in a selected school in North Okkalapa Township, Yangon 2020
2019-10-30 PLRID-00123_V2 Phyo Zin Win Thu Reproductive Health Client Exit Interview: Improved programming through client insights 2019
2019-10-25 PLRID-00528_V1 Aye Mon Mon Kyaw Public Health Effectiveness of school-based dengue education and Aedes larval surveillance by school children on dengue prevention and control in schools of Hlaing Tharyar township, Yangon region 2019
2019-10-24 HRID-00527_V1 WIN MIN THIT Neurology Myositis antibody profiles and clinico-pathological association in patients with idiopathic inflammatory myositis at Tertiary hospital, Myanmar 2018
2019-10-18 PLRID-00522_V1 Nandar Win Infection Control Hand Hygiene Compliance in Intensive Care Units and High Dependency Units of Central Women's Hospital, Yangon 2019
2019-10-18 PLRID-00097_V11 Nandar Ko Pathology Community-based Cervical Cytology Screening among Married Women in Kani and Kantbalu Townships of Sagaing Region 2019
2019-10-17 PLRID-00428_V1 Khin Mittar Moe San Nutrition “Factors influencing Initiation of Breastfeeding among post-partum women in private maternal clinics and hospitals in East Yangon District” 2018
2019-10-16 PLRID-00189_V5 Thet Htoo Aung Virology Serotype identification of dengue viruses circulating in Mandalay,2019 2019
2019-10-02 PLRID-00182_V2 Khin La Pyae Tun Pathology Molecular detection of mBCR-ABL1 fusion transcriptand JAK2 (V617F) mutation in patients with Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN) 2019
2019-09-30 PLRID-00513_V4 Wai Phyo Maung Dermatology Prevalence of skin infections in HIV-infected patients at Waibargi Specialist Hospital 2019
2019-09-25 PLRID-00187_V1 Mya Ohnmar Public Health Prevalence of risk factors for Non-communicable Diseases among the Elderly population in Mon State and Magway Region of Myanmar (Phase I) 2019
2019-09-22 PLRID-00429_V1 Htoo Nandar Hlaing Clinical Pharmacy Comparison of haematological toxicity between anthracycline based and anthracycline-taxane based chemotherapy in breast cancer patients 2019
2019-09-20 PLRID-00400_V1 Nan Aye Thida Oo Bacteriology Exploring the role of new species Mycobacterium lepromatosis influencing upon persistence of leprosy in Myanmar 2019
2019-09-19 PLRID-00037_V4 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Virology Screening of Chikungunya Virus Infection among Blood Donors in Blood Bank, Mandalay General Hospital 2019
2019-09-19 PLRID-00096_V2 Sai Zaw Min Oo Preventive and Tropical Medicine The role of discarded containers in dengue vector abundance and public perception on source reduction 2019
2019-09-19 PLRID-00304_V4 Ssu Wynn Mon Oncology Diagnosis delay among patients with oesophageal cancer in Yangon Specialty Hospital 2019
2019-09-18 PLRID-00078_V5 Elizabeth Ashley Bacteriology Health burdens of antibiotic resistant infection in Southeast and South Asia - a multinational retrospective study 2019
2019-09-17 PLRID-00061_V6 Thet Wai Nwe Public Health Assessment of the core capacities of the designated points of entry in Myanmar under International Health Regulation (2005) using point of entry checklist 2019
2019-09-15 PLRID-00430_V1 Htet Htet Win Ni Clinical Pharmacy Glycemic control of sitagliptin versus glimepiride in type 2 diabetes mellitus inadequately controlled with metformin monotherapy 2019
2019-09-11 PLRID-00107_V4 MYAT HTUT NYUNT Parasitology Residual Malaria Among Migrant Workers in Myanmar: Why still persistent and how to eliminate? 2019
2019-09-09 PLRID-00506_V1 Aye Mya Chan Thar Public Health Reported measles cases and measles vaccination coverage in Myanmar at national and sub national level from 2014 2019
2019-08-30 PLRID-00120_V3 WAH WAH AUNG Bacteriology Clinical application and assessment of pathogen-based biomarkers for treatment outcomes of newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis in Myanmar: An interrupted time-series design 2019
2019-08-27 PLRID-00493_V1 Hsu Mon Aung Dentistry Effectiveness of Two Denture Designs in Mandibular Kennedy Class I Cases 2018
2019-08-26 PLRID-00472_V1 Pwint Phyu Phyu Public Health Identifying the compliance of health care providers in public sector to National Malaria Guidelines in the context of malaria elimination in Myanmar. 2019
2019-08-26 PLRID-00487_V1 Su May Aung Nutrition Prevalence and Impact of Malnutrition in Hospitalized Adult Patients in a Private Hospital in Myanmar: A cross-sectional study 2019
2019-08-25 PLRID-00481_V3 Naw Lum AIDS/HIV HIV testing and initiation of antiretroviral therapy for people who inject drugs and are enrolled to methadone maintenance therapy in Myitkyina Drug Dependency Treatment Hospital, Kachin state, Myanmar 2019
2019-08-22 PLRID-00040_V9 KAY THWE HAN Parasitology Efficacy and safety of artemether-lumefantrine, and dihydroartemisinin- piperaquine for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria and chloroquine for P. vivax in Buthidaung, Rakhine State 2019
2019-08-22 PLRID-00483_V1 Khin Phyu Phyu Others Establishment of community based arsenic removal system in rural area of Kyaung gon Township, Ayewarwady Region (Phase I study) 2019
2019-08-16 PLRID-00080_V7 Khin Moe Aung Pathology Molecular diagnosis of Hb E among pregnant women attending 300-bedded Pyin Oo Lwin General Hospital 2019
2019-08-16 PLRID-00432_V5 Thant Nandar Soe Clinical Pharmacy Effects of telmisartan and losartan on lipid profile in stage I hypertensive patients 2019
2019-08-15 HRID-00040_V8 KAY THWE HAN Public Health Sustainable access to Primaquine in malaria endemic areas: Health system bottlenecks and best practices at pre-elimination era, Myanmar 2018
2019-08-15 PLRID-00054_V9 Mu Mu Shwe Oncology Human Papillomavirus (HPV) DNA testing based Cervical Cancer Screening in Magway Region using CareHPV Test 2019
2019-08-15 PLRID-00480_V1 THIN-ZAR-MIN Public Health The uptake, profile and treatment outcomes of patients initiated on shorter MDR-TB regimen in Yangon and Mandalay regions, Myanmar 2019
2019-08-09 PLRID-00475_V1 KhinNyoThein Paediatrics Japan and Myanmar Joint Research project on acute severe diarrhoea in children 2019
2019-08-08 PLRID-00081_V8 KYAE MHON HTWE Biochemistry Assessment of cardiovascular risk factors among rural and urban communities in Kyaukpadaung Township 2019
2019-08-07 PLRID-00081_V6 KYAE MHON HTWE Biochemistry Delta 5 desaturase gene polymorphism, serum omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid levels in subjects with metabolic syndrome 2019
2019-08-06 PLRID-00112_V3 Khaing Mar Zaw Nutrition Prevalence of Sarcopenia and the Diet Consumption Pattern of Elderly Population attending the Geriatric OPD of Yangon General Hospital and the Elderly Day Care Center 2019
2019-08-05 PLRID-00469_V1 Khin May Htwe Obstetrics & Gynecology Prophylactic Antibiotics in Urgent Caesarean Section 2019
2019-07-29 PLRID-00453_V2 Aye Aye Khin Pathology Association of vWF Factor levels and ABO blood group in Blood Donors 2019
2019-07-23 PLRID-00007_V4 Moh Moh Htun Pathology Screening for Thyroid Dysfunction and identifying the associated factors among adult population in Southern Shan State of Myanmar 2019
2019-07-22 HRID-00061_V5 Thet Wai Nwe Preventive and Tropical Medicine Malaria profiles and challenges in artemisinin resistance containment in Myanmar 2015
2019-07-22 PLRID-00445_V3 Naw Hser Gay Medical Technology Relationship between Beta Amyloid Levels and Cognitive Function among the Elderly Adults 2019
2019-07-15 PLRID-00437_V5 Myaing Myaing Nyunt Parasitology Preliminary Evaluation of Dynamics of Subclinical Malaria 2018
2019-06-19 PLRID-00104_V5 Thet Thet Mar Biochemistry Comparison of lethality, protein compositions and enzymatic activities of Russell’s viper (Daboia saimensis) venom from different geographical locations in Myanmar 2019
2019-06-11 HRID-00198_V11 Moh Moh Hlaing Nutrition Effect of Health Education on Changes in Dietary Habit and Cardiovascular Risk Factors among Sedentary Workers 2010
2019-06-06 PLRID-00437_V1 Myaing Myaing Nyunt Parasitology New surveillance tool for malaria elimination in Myanmar 2015
2019-06-03 HRID-00054_V18 Mu Mu Shwe Oncology Determination of Oncogenic Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Genotypes in Anogenital Cancers in Myanmar 2012
2019-06-03 HRID-00054_V19 Mu Mu Shwe Oncology Molecular Detection of Oncogenic Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Genotypes in Vulva Cancers, Penile Cancers and Anal Cancers in Myanmar 2012
2019-05-30 HRID-00104_V4 Thet Thet Mar Biochemistry Characterization of biochemical composition and biological activities of Cobra (Naja kaouthia) venom 2016
2019-05-30 HRID-00104_V5 Thet Thet Mar Biochemistry Cloning of PLA2 enzyme gene from the parotid glands of Russell's viper (Daboia siamensis) 2017
2019-05-30 HRID-00104_V6 Thet Thet Mar Others Determination of T-2 Mycotoxin in Cereal-based Junk Foods sold from Some Food Stalls in Yangon Region 2014
2019-05-30 HRID-00104_V7 Thet Thet Mar Biochemistry Characterization of Hyaluronidase isolated from Russell’s Viper (Daboia siamensis) Venom of Myanmar 2015
2019-05-30 HRID-00104_V8 Thet Thet Mar Biochemistry Construction of the cDNA library and detection of the sequences of ten positive clones from Russell’s Viper (Daboia siamensis) Venom gland 2015
2019-05-30 HRID-00104_V9 Thet Thet Mar Biochemistry Determination of djenkolic acid concentrations in different preparations of djenkol beans (Da-Nyin Thee) Archidendron pauciflorum Benth. 2012
2019-05-30 HRID-00305_V3 Aye Aye Win Pathology Histological identification of Helicobacter pylori in colorectal cancer by Immunohistochemistry 2013
2019-05-30 HRID-00305_V4 Aye Aye Win Pathology Study on presence of macrophages in cervical cancer using immunohistochemistry 2006
2019-05-30 HRID-00405_V3 Yi Yi Kyaw Virology Hepatitis B and C Virus Genotypes among Patients with Chronic Liver Diseases in Myanmar; Multiple Genotypes and Subtypes of Hepatitis B and C Viruses 2014
2019-05-30 HRID-00104_V11 Thet Thet Mar Biochemistry Amino acid sequence determination of phospholipase A2 from Russell’s viper (Daboia siamensis) venom in Myanmar 2014
2019-05-29 HRID-00104_V3 Thet Thet Mar Others Determination aflatoxin B1 in betel nut (Kun Thee) Areca catechu Linn. 2014
2019-05-29 HRID-00198_V10 Moh Moh Hlaing Nutrition Diet consumption pattern of primary school children from four geographical regions of Myanmar 2015
2019-05-28 PLRID-00431_V1 Soe Kalayar Clinical Pharmacy Drug Related Problems in Type 2 Diabetic Patients 2019
2019-05-27 HRID-00198_V8 Moh Moh Hlaing Nutrition Dual burden of malnutrition among primary school children in Myanmar 2015
2019-05-27 HRID-00198_V9 Moh Moh Hlaing Nutrition Dietary pattern and nutritional status of HIV infected patients attending out patients’ department of specialist hospital, Mingalardone,Yangon 2014
2019-05-23 HRID-00422_V1 Su Nyein Aye Bacteriology Detection of Enterotoxigenic and methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in ice cream 2017
2019-05-23 PLRID-00008_V3 Min Min Win Pathology Expression of Ki-67, p53 and apoptotic index of tumor cells in breast cancer patients from Yangon General Hospital 2018
2019-05-22 HRID-00362_V3 May Thandar Htun Pharmacognosy Antioxidant activity of betel leaf (Piper betle Linn.) 2014
2019-05-22 HRID-00411_V1 Kyi May Htwe Bacteriology Diagnosis of extra pulmonary tuberculosis of clinically suspected cases by PCR 2016
2019-05-22 PLRID-00043_V2 MO MO WIN Bacteriology Detection of Burkholderia pseudomallei in patients attending Yangon, Thingangyun, Insein and North Okkalapa General Hospitals 2017
2019-05-22 PLRID-00412_V1 Thanda Aye Medical Technology Gross motor skill development of Myanmar children with special needs 2018
2019-05-21 HRID-00120_V4 WAH WAH AUNG Bacteriology Establishment of molecular strain typing methods for Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Myanmar 2012
2019-05-21 HRID-00161_V2 Maung Maung Mya Public Health Bio-efficacy of Long Lasting Insecticidal Mosquito Nets (LLINs) on Malaria Vector Anopheles Mosquitoes in Malaria-Endemic Areas of Myanmar 2016
2019-05-21 HRID-00198_V5 Moh Moh Hlaing Nutrition Nutritional status of primary school children from four geographical regions of Myanmar 2015
2019-05-21 HRID-00198_V6 Moh Moh Hlaing Nutrition Dietary sodium intake of housewives from South Okklapa township of Yangon Region 2016
2019-05-21 HRID-00198_V7 Moh Moh Hlaing Nutrition Effect of milk supplementation on nutritional status of primary school children in rural area of Yangon Region 2017
2019-05-21 HRID-00347_V7 Ei Ei Htway Chemistry Detection of plasticizer content in different PET (polyethylene terephthalate) drinking water bottles 2015
2019-05-20 HRID-00046_V6 Theingi Win Myat Virology Comparison of Clinical and Virological Characteristics among Infants, Children and Adults with Dengue Infection during 2015 Dengue Outbreak 2015
2019-05-20 HRID-00046_V7 Theingi Win Myat Gastroenterology Detection of norovirus among children under five years old with acute gastroenteritis and comparison of clinical features of norovirus and rotavirus gastroenteritis 2017
2019-05-20 HRID-00046_V8 Theingi Win Myat Gastroenterology Surveillance of rotavirus gastroenteritis (2015-2017); vital information for pre-and post-rotavirus vaccination in Myanmar 2015
2019-05-20 HRID-00120_V3 WAH WAH AUNG Bacteriology Molecular typing and detection of drug resistant mutations in multidrug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from Myanmar 2015
2019-05-17 HRID-00134_V5 Phyo Wai zin Pharmacology Analgesic effect of rhizomes and leaves of Angiopteris evecta (Giant fern) on animal model 2016
2019-05-17 HRID-00134_V6 Phyo Wai zin Others Quantification of Heavy Metals in White Rice and Brown Rice from Thabaung Township 2016
2019-05-17 HRID-00134_V7 Phyo Wai zin Others Determination of heavy metal contents in rice varieties from Myaungmya, Labutta and Pyinsalu Townships, Ayeyarwady region 2018
2019-05-17 HRID-00136_V1 Myat Mon Oo Pathology Coagulation profile in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients attending the diabetic clinic, Yangon General Hospital 2012
2019-05-17 HRID-00141_V5 Mya Mar Lar Chemistry Determination of formaldehyde content in clothing and toys for children 2016
2019-05-17 HRID-00184_V8 Kay Thi Aye Virology Phylogenetic Analysis of Myanmar Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus from Under Five Children with Acute Respiratory Infection Admitted to Yangon Children Hospital 2015
2019-05-17 HRID-00185_V2 Phyu Win Ei Bacteriology Detection of extensively drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) among multidrug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates from two TB centers in Myanmar 2016
2019-05-17 HRID-00187_V5 Mya Ohnmar Nutrition Detection of birth defects among newborns at seven tertiary hospitals in Yangon Region 2016
2019-05-17 HRID-00187_V6 Mya Ohnmar Nutrition Assessment of Dietary Intake and Nutritional Status of Children Living in Fostered Monasteries in Yangon Region 2013
2019-05-17 HRID-00338_V2 Myo Nanda Aung Pharmacology Hair growth activity of Angiopteris evecta in rabbit 2016
2019-05-17 HRID-00347_V4 Ei Ei Htway Pharmacology Anti-inflammatory effect of Vitex negundo Linn. ( ကြောင်ပန်းကြီး ) leaves and its Chemical Composition by GC-MS 2017
2019-05-17 HRID-00385_V3 Mu Mu Sein Myint Pharmacology Determination of anti-malarial efficacy of various fractions of Ocimum sanctum Linn. (Pin-sein-net) leaf on Plasmodium berghei infected mice. 2010
2019-05-17 HRID-00390_V1 Swe Zin Aung Pharmacology Acute Toxicity of Three Medicinal Plants Using as Antidote in Myanmar 2017
2019-05-17 HRID-00393_V4 San San Htwe Others Role of serum protein electrophoresis in detection of multiple myeloma 2009
2019-05-17 HRID-00393_V5 San San Htwe Orthopedics Detection of monoclonal gammopathies in chronic low back pain patients at Yangon Orthopaedic Hospital 2013
2019-05-17 HRID-00393_V6 San San Htwe Others Role of flow cytometric immunophenotyping in diagnosis of multiple myeloma 2015
2019-05-17 HRID-00393_V7 San San Htwe Immunology Identification of immunological markers in pulmonary tuberculosis patients attending a Township Health Department, Yangon Region 2017
2019-05-17 HRID-00399_V1 Lei lei Win Pharmacology Determination of Antioxidant Activities and Bioactive Components of Foeniculum vulgare Mill. ((Samonsabar - ) 2015
2019-05-17 HRID-00399_V2 Lei lei Win Chemistry Determination of heavy metals and trace elements (micronutrients) of some medicinal plants 2014
2019-05-17 HRID-00399_V4 Lei lei Win Chemistry GC-MS Analysis and Antioxidant Activity of Leaves of Aegle marmelos L.Correa Ok-shit 2017
2019-05-17 HRID-00399_V5 Lei lei Win Pharmacology Minerals Evaluation, Antibacterial Activities and Antioxidant Activities of Zingiber officinale Roscoe (csif;) 2014
2019-05-17 HRID-00399_V6 Lei lei Win Bacteriology Elemental Composition, Phytochemical Screening and Antibacterial Activity of Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa (ဥသျှစ်) 2016
2019-05-17 HRID-00399_V7 Lei lei Win Chemistry Study of Some Heavy Metals Contamination in Two Tinospora (ဆငéတâæèမĈëယé) Species 2014
2019-05-17 HRID-00405_V1 Yi Yi Kyaw Biochemistry Cloning X gene of hepatitis B virus using cloning vector PGL3B 2018
2019-05-17 HRID-00405_V2 Yi Yi Kyaw Virology Detection of Hepatitis B virus X and core promoter mutations and gene expression study on Myanmar patients with HBV induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma 2015
2019-05-17 HRID-00406_V1 AYE AYE LWIN Virology Sero-prevalence of Hepatitis B and C Viral Infections in Myanmar: National and Regional Survey in 2015 2015
2019-05-17 HRID-00406_V2 AYE AYE LWIN Virology Hepatitis B and C viral infections among hemodialysis patients attending 500 bedded Yangon Specialty Hospital, Myanmar 2015
2019-05-17 HRID-00406_V4 AYE AYE LWIN Virology Hepatitis B and C viral infections among multi-transfused patients attending Department of Clinical Hematology, Yangon General Hospital 2016
2019-05-17 HRID-00408_V1 Ohnmar Kyaw Bacteriology Prevalence of diabetes, pre-diabetes and associated risk factors among pulmonary tuberculosis patients 2016
2019-05-17 HRID-00344_V12 Khine Khine Lwin Pharmacology Antihypertensive effect of Millingtonia hortensis Linn.f. leaves (Aykayit) on Stage 1 hypertensive patients 2008
2019-05-17 PLRID-00008_V1 Min Min Win Pathology Correlation study of arsenic concentration and hair shaft damage in arsenic exposed hair 2019
2019-05-17 PLRID-00088_V2 MYA MOE MR Parasitology Assessment of Rapid Diagnostic Testing (RDT) and Enzyme-Linked Immune-Sorbent Assay (ELISA) for diagnosis of Dengue Infection 2017
2019-05-17 PLRID-00182_V1 Khin La Pyae Tun Pathology Detection of JAK2(V617F) mutation by Allele -Specific PCR in Myeloproliferative Neoplasm (MPN) 2019
2019-05-17 PLRID-00360_V1 Khin Tar Yar myint Others Determination of mercury in water from Uru and Chindwin rivers in gold mining areas 2019
2019-05-17 PLRID-00395_V2 Aye Aye Maw Nutrition Dietary Intake and Body Composition among Adolescents with Autism 2016
2019-05-17 PLRID-00403_V1 Aye Su Mon Bacteriology Genomic characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from HIV-associated tuberculous meningitis patients in three specialist hospital, Yangon 2019
2019-05-16 HRID-00077_V2 Htin Lin Virology Molecular detection of influenza viruses in children with influenza-like illness attending Yangon Children Hospital, 2018 2018
2019-05-16 HRID-00077_V3 Htin Lin Virology Subtyping of influenza viruses among children with influenza-like illness attending two Children Hospitals in Yangon, 2015 2015
2019-05-16 HRID-00077_V4 Htin Lin Virology Molecular detection of human rhinoviruses in children with influenza-like illness attending Yangon Children Hospital, 2016 2016
2019-05-16 HRID-00077_V6 Htin Lin Virology Subtyping of influenza viruses among children with influenza-like illness attending Yangon Children Hospital, 2013 2013
2019-05-16 HRID-00077_V7 Htin Lin Virology Subtyping of influenza viruses in children with influenza-like illness attending two Children Hospitals in Yangon, 2017 2017
2019-05-16 HRID-00077_V8 Htin Lin Virology Subtyping of influenza viruses among children with influenza-like illness attending two Children Hospitals in Yangon, 2016 2016
2019-05-16 HRID-00130_V4 win kay khine Virology Identification of Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Human Adenovirus in children with acute respiratory infection attending Yangon Children Hospital 2016
2019-05-16 HRID-00158_V4 Mya Mya Aye Bacteriology Distribution of Carbapenem- resistant Enterobacteriaceae in Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar 2017
2019-05-16 HRID-00158_V5 Mya Mya Aye Bacteriology Detection of Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in meat, fish and vegetable samples from selected wet markets in Yangon 2017
2019-05-16 HRID-00170_V2 Daw Moe Moe Aye Chemistry Environmental monitoring of radon 222Rn in non-biological samples from cement factories and construction sites. 2009
2019-05-16 HRID-00182_V2 Khin La Pyae Tun Oncology Relationship between coagulation parameters and disease severity in patients with primary lung cancer 2015
2019-05-16 HRID-00344_V4 Khine Khine Lwin Pharmacology The Use of Herbal Medicines and Traditional Medicine Formulations (TMFs) for Hypertension at Traditional Medicine Hospital, Yangon. 2010
2019-05-16 HRID-00344_V5 Khine Khine Lwin Pharmacology Antihypertensive effect of Allium sativum Linn. (Garlic) bulbs on stage 1 hypertensive patients 2011
2019-05-16 HRID-00344_V6 Khine Khine Lwin Pharmacology Hypolipidemic activity of combination of extract of Zingiber officinale Rosc. (Ginger) rhizomes and Citrus aurantifolia Linn. (Lime) fruits juice on triton induced hyperlipidemic rats 2016
2019-05-16 HRID-00344_V7 Khine Khine Lwin Pharmacology Antihyperlipidemic activity of fruits of Terminalia chebula Retz. on triton induced hyperlipidemic rats 2016
2019-05-16 HRID-00344_V8 Khine Khine Lwin Pharmacology Hepatoprotective activity of Tinospora cordifola Miers. stem on Carbon tetrachloride (CCL4) induced hepatotoxicity in albino rats 2015
2019-05-16 HRID-00344_V9 Khine Khine Lwin Pharmacology Acute and sub-acute toxicity of Allium sativum Linn. (Garlic) bulbs in animal model 2012
2019-05-16 HRID-00382_V2 Lai Lai San Others Detection of Tricothecenes (T-2) Mycotoxin in selected preparations of peanut 2012
2019-05-16 HRID-00382_V3 Lai Lai San Bacteriology Detection of Listeria monocytogenes contamination in milk and milk products 2014
2019-05-16 HRID-00389_V1 Thitsar Htet Htet Htoo Pathology Thyroid Dysfunction in Down Syndrome Cases Attending School for Disabled Children, Yangon 2017
2019-05-16 HRID-00393_V1 San San Htwe Paediatrics Clinico-haematological profile of pancytopenia at Yangon Children's Hospital 2008
2019-05-16 HRID-00397_V3 Aye Thida Htun Bacteriology Antimicrobial activity of Betel Leaf Extracts 2014
2019-05-16 HRID-00007_V16 Moh Moh Htun Pathology Early screening of G6PD deficiency among the healthy children living in malaria area at Bogalay Township, Ayeyarwaddy Division. 2008
2019-05-16 PLRID-00046_V5 Theingi Win Myat Virology Detection of norovirus in children less than five years of age admitted to Yangon Children Hospital for diarrhea 2016
2019-05-15 HRID-00015_V2 Kyaw Lwin Show Public Health Awareness on risk of smoking and smokeless tobacco on pregnancy outcomes 2016
2019-05-15 HRID-00163_V2 Hnin Ohnmar Soe Virology Seroprevalance of Hepatitis D Infection among HBsAg Positive Patients with Chronic Liver Diseases 2017
2019-05-15 HRID-00355_V4 Yin Yin Win Others Serum leptin level in normal weight, overweight and obese children 2014
2019-05-15 HRID-00359_V1 Hsu Theingi Medicine Cardiovascular risk stratification of bus drivers in Yangon Region 2018
2019-05-15 HRID-00381_V3 Aye Mya Khine Family and General Practice Knowledge and practices on leukemia disease among caregivers of childhood leukemia patients attending Hemato-Oncology follow-up clinic at Yangon Children Hospital 2016
2019-05-15 HRID-00382_V1 Lai Lai San Bacteriology Detection of Escherichia coli contamination in mixed salad (A-Sone-Thoke) 2014
2019-05-15 HRID-00385_V1 Mu Mu Sein Myint Pharmacology Anti-snake (Russell's Viper) venom activity of aqueous and 95% ethanolic root extracts of Vitex negundo Linn. 2014
2019-05-15 HRID-00385_V2 Mu Mu Sein Myint Pharmacology In vitro anti-malarial activity of ethanolic fraction of Ocimum sanctum Linn. leaf on Plasmodium falciparum 2013
2019-05-15 HRID-00386_V2 MYAT TIN HTWE KYAW Medicine Hepatitis B vaccination response in person with Hepatitis C virus infection 2011
2019-05-15 HRID-00392_V1 Khin Sandar Oo AIDS/HIV Knowledge on HIV/AIDS and attitude towards HIV affected school children 2019
2019-05-15 HRID-00392_V2 Khin Sandar Oo Public Health Knowledge on Reproductive Health and Attitude towards Reproductive Health Hot Line Service among Factory Workers in selected industrial zone township in Yangon Region 2014
2019-05-15 HRID-00097_V10 Nandar Ko Pathology Prevalence of anemia among elderly persons in selected village of Pyin Oo Lwin Township 2015
2019-05-15 PLRID-00304_V3 Ssu Wynn Mon Oncology Parameters predicting poor prognosis in patients with malignant ascites in Yangon General Hospital 2016
2019-05-14 HRID-00087_V7 Win Lai May Paediatrics Clinical and Haematological predictors of Dengue infection among children with acute febrile illness visiting General Practitioners in Periurban settings, Yangon 2017
2019-05-14 HRID-00087_V9 Win Lai May Paediatrics Impact of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency on dengue infection in Myanmar children 2015
2019-05-14 HRID-00096_V2 Sai Zaw Min Oo Others A Laboratory Investigation on Oviposition Response of Aedes aegypti to Larvicide Treated Domestic Water 2011
2019-05-14 HRID-00096_V3 Sai Zaw Min Oo Others Effectiveness of a novel long lasting pyriproxyfen larvicide (SumiLarv®2MR) against Aedes mosquitoes in schools in Yangon, Myanmar 2015
2019-05-14 HRID-00096_V4 Sai Zaw Min Oo Others Importance of staff residential building area in school campus for dengue vector control 2015
2019-05-14 HRID-00304_V1 Ssu Wynn Mon Paediatrics Profile of Paediatric Malignancies in Yangon Children’s Hospital: 2012-2014 2014
2019-05-14 HRID-00384_V1 Sandar Kyi Paediatrics Potential Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases among Adolescent Students at Two Selected Schools in Yangon 2016
2019-05-14 HRID-00384_V2 Sandar Kyi Paediatrics Knowledge and Lifestyle Related Perception Regarding Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases among Adolescents at a Private School in Yangon 2014
2019-05-14 HRID-00384_V3 Sandar Kyi Paediatrics Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Children with Cancer at Yangon Children’s Hospital 2010
2019-05-14 HRID-00384_V4 Sandar Kyi Medicine Treatment compliance and knowledge of hypertensive patients in Hlaing-Tharyar Township, Yangon Division. 2007
2019-05-14 HRID-00087_V10 Win Lai May Paediatrics Acute kidney injury in children with Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever admitted to Yangon Children's Hospital 2012
2019-05-14 HRID-00087_V11 Win Lai May Paediatrics Nutritional Status of Children with Cerebral Palsy in Cerebral Palsy Clinic, Yangon Children's Hospital 2010
2019-05-14 PLRID-00087_V5 Win Lai May Paediatrics Sero-positivity of leptospiral antibodies and associated factors of leptospirosis in children at Thaketa Township, Yangon region 2019
2019-05-14 PLRID-00129_V1 KHIN LIN Parasitology Efficacy and safety of (a) artemether-lumefantrine and (b) dihydroartemisinin piperaquine phosphate for treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Tamu township Sagaing Region 2018
2019-05-14 PLRID-00304_V1 Ssu Wynn Mon Oncology End of life experiences of patients with advanced cancer in Myanmar: Results from the APPROACH Myanmar cross-sectional survey 2016
2019-05-13 HRID-00188_V3 Khin Kant Kaw Oo Pathology hIstological grades, immunohistochemical expression of EGFR and fluorescence in situ hybridization of EGFR in colon cancer 2016
2019-05-13 HRID-00345_V4 Myint Myint Khaing Pathology : Role of Urinalysis in pregnant women attending at Obstetrics & Gynaecology OPD clinic at 300-bedded Pyin Oo Lwin General Hospital 2017
2019-05-13 HRID-00347_V2 Ei Ei Htway Chemistry Chemical Analysis of Drinking Water Bottles 2014
2019-05-13 HRID-00355_V2 Yin Yin Win Others Establishment and evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for determination of thyroid stimulating hormone 2009
2019-05-13 HRID-00360_V2 Khin Tar Yar myint Pharmacognosy Standardization, Safety Evaluation and Anti-diarrhoeal Activity of Unripe Fruit of Aegle marmelos L. (Rutaceae) (Ohshit) 2014
2019-05-13 HRID-00360_V3 Khin Tar Yar myint Pharmacology Antioxidant activity, total phenol content and ascorbic acid content of three different preparations of noni fruit juice (Ye-Yo) 2013
2019-05-13 HRID-00360_V4 Khin Tar Yar myint Pharmacology Analysis of Element in some Medicinal Plants which have Reputed Hypoglycaemic Activity 2016
2019-05-13 HRID-00365_V4 Zaw Myo Tint Pharmacology Evaluation of Antidiarrhoeal Effect of Fruit of Phyllanthus emblica Linn. (Zee-byu) in Mice 2010
2019-05-13 HRID-00366_V1 Kyaw Soe Others Knowledge, attitudes, risk perceptions and practices of safety measures related to pesticides among agricultural workers in Tharbaung Township, Ayerwaddy Region 2014
2019-05-13 HRID-00080_V10 Khin Moe Aung Pathology Role of serum trace elements between pre-eclamptic women and apparently healthy pregnant women 2010
2019-05-13 HRID-00080_V11 Khin Moe Aung Pathology Prevalence of anaemia among rural community in Pin Tee village of Pyin Oo Lwin Township 2014
2019-05-13 HRID-00080_V12 Khin Moe Aung Pathology Study of Hypoglycemic Activity of TMF- 17 on Adrenaline Induced Hyperglycemic Albino Rats 2010
2019-05-11 HRID-00046_V2 Theingi Win Myat Virology PREDICT- Surveillance for emerging zoonotic disease threats and behavioral risk characterization in high-risk communities in Myanmar 2017
2019-05-11 HRID-00365_V1 Zaw Myo Tint Pharmacology “Antidiarrhoeal Activity of Seeds of Trigonella foenum-graecum Linn. (ပဲနံ့သာ) in Mice” 2017
2019-05-11 PLRID-00046_V3 Theingi Win Myat Paediatrics Intussusception surveillance among children <2 years of age in Myanmar 2018
2019-05-10 HRID-00080_V5 Khin Moe Aung Pathology Metabolic Risk Factors and Associated Morbidities among Adult Urban People in Pyin Oo Lwin Township 2015
2019-05-10 HRID-00080_V6 Khin Moe Aung Pathology Prevalence of haemoglobinopathies among pregnant mothers of 300- bedde Pyin Oo Lwin General Hospital 2014
2019-05-10 HRID-00080_V7 Khin Moe Aung Pathology Prevalence of thyroid disorders among adult women attending medical OPD clinics at 300-bedded Pyin Oo Lwin General Hospital 2015
2019-05-10 HRID-00080_V8 Khin Moe Aung Pathology Screening for Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency in Neonatal Hyperbilirubinaemia at 300-Bedded Pyin Oo Lwin General Hospital 2019
2019-05-10 HRID-00080_V9 Khin Moe Aung Pathology Prevalence of rotavirus infection among under five children with acute diarrhea admitted at the 550-bedded Children Hospital, Mandalay 2018
2019-05-10 HRID-00145_V4 Win Thaw Tar Lwin Public Health Determination of the natural radon concentration in ground water from Dawei Township, Taninthayi Region 2018
2019-05-10 HRID-00145_V5 Win Thaw Tar Lwin Public Health Ascertaining the presence of natural radionuclides in different sources of drinking water in peri-urban eco-setting 2015
2019-05-10 HRID-00145_V6 Win Thaw Tar Lwin Public Health Identification of the potential radiation risk of indoor radon in old buildings of Pabedan Township, Yangon Region 2016
2019-05-10 HRID-00145_V7 Win Thaw Tar Lwin Public Health Determination of radionuclide level in cigarette available in Myanmar 2011
2019-05-10 HRID-00184_V5 Kay Thi Aye Virology Whole Genome Sequencing of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Strains from Myanmar 2015
2019-05-10 HRID-00184_V7 Kay Thi Aye AIDS/HIV Distribution of HIV-1 subtypes among different risk groups in Yangon, Myanmar. 2003
2019-05-10 HRID-00349_V1 Khin May Thi Bacteriology Antimicrobial Activity of Justicia adhatoda L. Leaf Extract 2015
2019-05-10 HRID-00360_V1 Khin Tar Yar myint Chemistry Comparative study of active curcumin content from four curcuma species in Myanmar 2016
2019-05-10 HRID-00362_V2 May Thandar Htun Nutrition Determination of water soluble vitamins in commonly consumed some staple cereal foods of Myanmar by HPLC 2016
2019-05-10 PLRID-00339_V2 LYNN PA PA AYE Others Seroprevalence of Sexually Transmitted Chlamydial trachomatis Infection among Married Women in North Okkalapa Township 2017
2019-05-10 PLRID-00345_V3 Myint Myint Khaing Pathology Assessment of nutritional status and prevalence of worm infestations among middle school students at Sikar, Pyin Oo Lwin Township 2018
2019-05-09 HRID-00042_V2 Sandar Nyunt Virology Sero-prevalence of Hepatitis D viral infection in healthy carriers and blood donors with HBsAg positivity 2010
2019-05-09 HRID-00355_V1 Yin Yin Win Others Assessment of thyroid hormone levels among children with obesity 2016
2019-05-09 HRID-00054_V11 Mu Mu Shwe Pathology Trend of Human Papillomavirus Genotypes in Cervical Neoplasia Observed in a Newly Developing Township in Yangon, Myanmar 2011
2019-05-09 HRID-00054_V12 Mu Mu Shwe Pathology Prevalence of High-Risk Human Papillomavirus (HR-HPV) Infection among Women with Normal and Abnormal Cervical Cytology in Myanmar 2010
2019-05-09 HRID-00054_V13 Mu Mu Shwe Pathology Molecular detection of human papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes associated with squamous intraepithelial lesions (SIL) and cervical cancer in Myanmar by polymerase chain reaction - restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) and sequencing method 2008
2019-05-09 HRID-00054_V14 Mu Mu Shwe Oncology Prevalence of cervical cytological abnormalities among attendees at Cervical Cancer Screening Clinic, DMR (Lower Myanmar) 2010
2019-05-09 HRID-00054_V15 Mu Mu Shwe Oncology Community - Based Cervical Cancer Screening in Bago and Indagaw Suburban Areas 2007
2019-05-09 HRID-00054_V16 Mu Mu Shwe Oncology Cervical Cancer Screening by Cytopathology at Department of Medical Research (Lower Myanmar) 2007
2019-05-09 HRID-00054_V17 Mu Mu Shwe Oncology Genotypes of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) among Women with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Cervix and those with Different Cervical Cytology in Central Women Hospital, Mandalay 2015
2019-05-09 PLRID-00042_V2 Sandar Nyunt Virology Seroprevalence of hepatitis A virus infection among children, adolescents and adults attending the Vaccine and Diagnostic Clinic, DMR 2018
2019-05-09 PLRID-00054_V6 Mu Mu Shwe Oncology Primary Human Papillomavirus (HPV) DNA testing in Cervical Cancer Screening among Gynecology Clinic Attendees in two selected hospitals, Yangon 2019
2019-05-09 PLRID-00054_V7 Mu Mu Shwe Pathology Urinary Human Papillomavirus DNA testing as an effective alternative strategy for identification in Cervical Cancer Patients 2016
2019-05-08 HRID-00299_V4 Swe Zin Oo Virology Prevalence of hepatitis B and C infection in patients attending Oral Diagnostic Division of University of Dental Medicine, Yangon 2018
2019-05-08 HRID-00339_V2 LYNN PA PA AYE Immunology Seroprevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis Infection in Cervical Cancer Screening Clinic Attendees 2016
2019-05-08 HRID-00007_V11 Moh Moh Htun Pathology Screening of beta thalassaemia carriers in students from the University of Nursing, Yangon 2011
2019-05-08 HRID-00007_V13 Moh Moh Htun Pathology Molecular genotyping of silent beta thalassaemia carriers among the healthy adult population in Yangon 2011
2019-05-08 HRID-00007_V14 Moh Moh Htun Pathology Prevalence of anemia and haemoglobinopathies in pregnant women living in Bago Region of Myanmar 2014
2019-05-08 HRID-00007_V15 Moh Moh Htun Pathology Genotypic analysis of Epstein –Barr Virus (EBV) in Nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients. 2016
2019-05-08 PLRID-00298_V1 Nway Htike maw Physiology Glycemic index of floating rice (Taunghti) from Ayeyawaddy Region 2019
2019-05-08 PLRID-00298_V2 Nway Htike maw Physiology Tissue melatonin and melatonin 1 receptor expression in colonic cancer patients 2019
2019-05-07 HRID-00081_V9 KYAE MHON HTWE Biochemistry Assessment of Serum Selenium Levels in Breast Cancer Patients 2014
2019-05-07 HRID-00081_V10 KYAE MHON HTWE Biochemistry Trace Elements Status in Children Hospitalized with Pneumonia in Pyin Oo Lwin 2012
2019-05-07 PLRID-00007_V9 Moh Moh Htun AIDS/HIV Distribution of Epstein- Barr virus (EBV) Genotypes in patients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)- related Lymphoproliferative Disorders 2018
2019-05-06 HRID-00054_V5 Mu Mu Shwe Pathology Rapid Diagnosis of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) using GeneXpert HPV Assay in Cervical Cancer Patients 2016
2019-05-06 HRID-00054_V6 Mu Mu Shwe Oncology Community-based Cervical Cancer Screening using Cobas Human Papillomavirus (HPV) test and Liquid based cytology (LBC) in women living in North Okkalapa Township, Yangon 2017
2019-05-06 HRID-00054_V7 Mu Mu Shwe AIDS/HIV Role of PCR and loop mediated isothermal amplification methods in the diagnosis of tuberculous lymphadenopathy in HIV sero-positive patients 2014
2019-05-06 HRID-00081_V4 KYAE MHON HTWE Biochemistry Biochemical Profile of Breast Cancer Patients Attended the Out-Patient Department of Cancer Unit, Mandalay General Hospital, Myanmar 2014
2019-05-06 HRID-00037_V10 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Pathology Diagnostic accuracy of DCIP test (dichlorophenol indolphenol precipitation) and NESTROFT (Naked Eye Single Tube Red-cell Osmotic Fragility test) in haemoglobin E screening 2010
2019-05-06 HRID-00037_V12 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Others Histopathological and Biochemical Study of Alloxan-induced Diabetes Mellitus on Albino Rats 2012
2019-05-06 HRID-00037_V13 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Pathology Study on prevalence of anaemia and iron deficiency anaemia among pregnant women in Pyin Oo Lwin Township 2012
2019-05-06 HRID-00037_V14 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Pathology Community-based Cervical Disease Screening in Rural Areas of Pyin Oo Lwin Township 2010
2019-05-05 HRID-00037_V5 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Virology Active Screening of Inapparent Dengue Infection among Monastic School Children in Mandalay Region 2018
2019-05-05 HRID-00037_V6 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Virology Evaluation of Three Commercially Available Three Diagnostic Test Kits that Detect Dengue NS1Ag, IgM and IgG 2018
2019-05-05 HRID-00037_V7 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Virology Japanese Encephalitis- and Dengue-Associated Acute Encephalitis Syndrome Cases in Myanmar 2014
2019-05-05 HRID-00037_V8 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Virology Detection of Zika Virus Infection in Myanmar 2017
2019-05-05 HRID-00037_V9 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Virology Isolation and genomic characterization of Culex flaviviruses from mosquitoes in Myanmar 2014
2019-05-03 HRID-00037_V4 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Virology Clinical, Virological and Epidemiological Characterization of Dengue Outbreak in Myanmar 2015 2015
2019-05-03 PLRID-00343_V1 Daw Tin Moe Khaing AIDS/HIV Distribution of ABO and Rh blood groups among HIV infected patients attending National AIDS Program (NAP) clinic of 300-bedded Pyin Oo Lwin General Hospital 2017
2019-05-02 HRID-00191_V2 Nan Cho Nwe Mon Pathology Cervical cancer screening in women with HIV infection attending Anti-retroviral therapy clinic, Insein General Hospital 2016
2019-05-01 CTRID-00337_V1 Aye Myat Sandar Win Paediatrics Predictors for Seizure Recurrence of Acute Symptomatic Seizures in Children due to Central Nervous System Infection 2019
2019-04-30 PLRID-00040_V6 KAY THWE HAN Parasitology A research study on efficacy and safety of pyronaridine-artesunate for Plasmodium vivax in Kawthaung –Mawhtaung, Tanintharyi Region and KyaInSeikgyi-Myawaddy, Kayin State in Myanmar 2018
2019-04-30 PLRID-00101_V2 Nwe Oo Mon Public Health Perception and current status of reproductive rights among women living with HIV 2017
2019-04-29 HRID-00009_V3 Khin Mi Mi Lay Physiology Assessment of respiratory and sympathetic cardiovascular activities in obese and non-obese medical students 2014
2019-04-29 HRID-00009_V4 Khin Mi Mi Lay Physiology Cardiopulmonary Fitness of Adolescent Students of Institute of Sports and Physical Education, Yangon 2014
2019-04-29 HRID-00009_V5 Khin Mi Mi Lay Physiology Physical Fitness of the Elderly People from Home for the Aged (Hninzigone), Yangon 2015
2019-04-29 HRID-00009_V6 Khin Mi Mi Lay Physiology Influence of electrical ionic field exposure on red cell deformability, resting metabolic rate and insulin sensitivity in obese adult females 2015
2019-04-29 HRID-00009_V7 Khin Mi Mi Lay Physiology Subclinical thyroid dysfunction and cognitive function in Myanmar elderly 2016
2019-04-29 HRID-00033_V4 Thura Tun Oo Physiology Bone Mineral Density and Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level in the elderly women residing in the selected townships, Yangon Region 2018
2019-04-29 PLRID-00009_V4 Khin Mi Mi Lay Physiology Vitamin D Status and Physical Performance in Adolescent Athletes 2018
2019-04-27 HRID-00040_V6 KAY THWE HAN Public Health Access to primaquine in the last mile: challenges at the service delivery points in pre-elimination era, Myanmar 2018
2019-04-25 PLRID-00168_V1 Khin Hnin Pwint Pharmacology Operational Research on adverse drug reactions in hospitals to ensure patient safety 2019
2019-04-13 HRID-00187_V2 Mya Ohnmar Nutrition Assessment of risk of malnutrition of elderly people living in the Yangon Region 2015
2019-04-09 HRID-00298_V1 Nway Htike maw Physiology Glycemic index values of Myanmar's mangoes: Sein-Ta-Lone and Mya-Kyauk 2018
2019-04-09 HRID-00298_V2 Nway Htike maw Physiology Assessment of erythrocyte magnesium and serum calcium level in postmenopausal women 2015
2019-04-09 HRID-00298_V3 Nway Htike maw Physiology Physiological changes of lead exposure in adult subjects 2016
2019-04-09 HRID-00299_V1 Swe Zin Oo Medicine Prevalence of diabetes mellitus in subjects with chronic hepatitis C infection 2017
2019-04-08 PLRID-00191_V1 Nan Cho Nwe Mon Pathology Immunoexpression of p16INK4a and Ki-67 staining on residual cervicovaginal samples of HIV infected women for early diagnosis of cervical cancer 2019
2019-04-06 PLRID-00253_V1 Thi Thi Aye Medical Technology Screening of human papillomavirus infection of cervix by conventional cytology and careHPV DNA detection 2019
2019-04-01 PLRID-00288_V2 Khin Aye Thin Public Health DETECTION OF AFLATOXIN M1 FROM MILK BY ELISA METHOD 2018
2019-03-28 PLRID-00246_V1 Hnin Thet Thet Wai Kyaw Medical Technology Effects of Action Observation on Freezing of Gait in patients with Parkinson's Disease 2019
2019-03-17 PLRID-00194_V1 Ms. Sabai Tun Obstetrics & Gynecology Factors affecting utilization of family planning services among married women of reproductive age living in the rural area of Kayin State, Myanmar 2019
2019-03-13 PLRID-00086_V4 Thae Maung Maung Public Health Are we ready for malaria elimination in 2020? Evaluation on health staff in elimination settings 2019
2019-03-11 PLRID-00201_V1 Thei Thei Moe Han Pathology Thyroid Function Status in Newborns Delivered at the Pyin Oo Lwin General Hospital : A Pilot Study 2019
2019-03-04 PLRID-00097_V5 Nandar Ko Pathology Immunohistochemical Expression of EGFR and Ki67 in Adenocarcinoma of Stomach at Mandalay General Hospital 2019
2019-03-01 PLRID-00198_V1 Moh Moh Hlaing Nutrition Undernutrition and associated factors among under five year old children in Myanmar: Analysisi of 2015-2016 Myanmar Demographic Health Survey Data 2019
2019-02-20 PLRID-00086_V3 Thae Maung Maung Public Health Implementing companion of choice during labour and childbirth model and Robson classification: Formative research 2019
2019-02-19 PLRID-00118_V1 Kyaw Linn Paediatrics Effects of HIV SIV on unconventional T cell immunity to M.Tuberculosis in children and pre adolescents 2019
2019-02-19 PLRID-00193_V1 Thida San Bacteriology Molecular epidemiological characterization of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) isolated from the patients of Yangon Children's Hospital, Myanmar 2019
2019-02-04 PLRID-00081_V3 KYAE MHON HTWE Biochemistry Human organic cation transporter gene polymorphism (rs628031) and its relation with glycemic response to metformin in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients 2018
2019-02-01 PLRID-00189_V1 Thet Htoo Aung Virology Dengue Virus Infection among Blood Donors in Mandalay General Hospital 2019
2019-01-30 PLRID-00188_V1 Khin Kant Kaw Oo Pathology Role of EGFR mRNA in colorectal carcinoma 2018
2019-01-28 PLRID-00185_V1 Phyu Win Ei Bacteriology Whole genome sequencing of pre-extensively drug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from Myanmar 2018
2019-01-25 PLRID-00184_V4 Kay Thi Aye AIDS/HIV Establishment of an in-house HIV1-genotypic drug resistance assay technique in Myanmar 2018
2019-01-23 CTRID-00011_V1 Khine Lae Win AIDS/HIV Effect of cognitive behavior therapy for antiretroviral therapy adherence and depression among people living with HIV and depressive symptoms: A randomized controlled trial 2018
2019-01-22 PLRID-00181_V1 Okkar Aung Public Health Mystery client survey: Monitoring quality of routine service provision on family planning services in static centres of Marie Stopes Myanmar 2019
2019-01-18 PLRID-00180_V1 Thet Su Mon Public Health The Engagement of Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association (MMCWA) members in maternal dealth surveillance and response (MDSR) activities at Hlaing Thar Yar Township, Yangon Region 2019
2019-01-14 PLRID-00078_V3 Elizabeth Ashley Preventive and Tropical Medicine A multicentre observational study to describe the prevalence of scrub typhus defined as a positive rapid diagnostic test among selected patients presenting with fever to clinics in Myanmar 2017
2019-01-08 PLRID-00160_V1 Kyi Thar Min Public Health Factors Associated with the uptake of malaria prevention and treatment among under five children in Myanmar: evidence from 2015 Myanmar Demographic and Health Survey 2018
2019-01-08 PLRID-00174_V2 Win Yadanar Hlaing Nursing Factors Predicting Health-Related Quality of Life among Patients with Hip Fracture after Surgery in Myanmar 2019
2019-01-08 PLRID-00178_V1 Thurain Htun AIDS/HIV Attrition and Virological Failure among adolescents enrolled in Integrated HIV Care Programme in Myanmar 2019
2019-01-07 PLRID-00177_V1 Sharon Par Public Health Knowledge on adolescent reproductive health among Grade Nine students in Chin State 2018
2019-01-06 PLRID-00175_V1 Dr. Han Win Medicine Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome and its components among high school-going adolescents in Yangon Region 2018
2019-01-06 PLRID-00176_V1 Nilar Aung Nutrition "Glycemic Index floating rice (Taunghti ) from Ayeyawady Region" 2018
2019-01-04 PLRID-00171_V1 Thazin Htwe Pathology Prevalence of haemoglobinopathies among pregnant women in Myaungmya General Hospital 2018
2018-12-27 CTRID-00173_V1 HLA HTAY Public Health Hepatitis C: Community Testing and Treatment (CT2 Study) 2018
2018-12-26 PLRID-00033_V2 Thura Tun Oo Physiology Insulin resistance, central neuropathy and peripheral sensory neuropathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus 2018
2018-12-24 PLRID-00015_V1 Kyaw Lwin Show AIDS/HIV Independent predictors of HIV knowledge and HIV testing among general population in Myanmar: analysis of the Myanmar demographic and health survey, 2015-16 2018
2018-12-24 PLRID-00166_V2 Si Thura Parasitology Identification of malaria hotspots and Targeted Mass Treatment (TMT) in Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar 2017
2018-12-18 PLRID-00169_V4 Su Myat Naing Public Health Utilization of Social Security Board Medical Services among Insured Workers in Myanmar 2018
2018-12-14 PLRID-00046_V1 Theingi Win Myat Virology Surveillance of rotavirus diarrhea in children under five years of age admitted to Yangon Children Hospital, 550 bedded Mandalay Children Hospital, Women and Children Hospital (Taunggyi) and North Okkalapa General and Teaching Hospital 2018
2018-12-13 PLRID-00104_V1 Thet Thet Mar Biochemistry Characterization and amino acid sequence determination of phospholipase A2 enzyme from Myanmar Cobra (Naja kaouthia) venom) 2018
2018-12-13 PLRID-00104_V2 Thet Thet Mar Biochemistry Expression and characterization of PLA2 clone derived from Russell’s Viper (Daboia siamensis)Venom Gland 2018
2018-12-13 PLRID-00167_V2 Thin Thin Wah Medicine Detection of antimicrobial resistance pattern and extended spectrum beta lactamases producing in clinical Pseudomonas isolates 2018
2018-12-10 PLRID-00158_V3 Mya Mya Aye Bacteriology Detection and characterization of extended spectrum beta- lactamase producing gram negative bacilli and associated β-lactamase genes from Diabetic Ulcers 2018
2018-12-07 PLRID-00134_V4 Phyo Wai zin Physiology Blood total antioxidant capacity in apparently healthy volunteers of three different age groups 2018
2018-12-04 PLRID-00141_V4 Mya Mar Lar Chemistry Study on the Antioxidant Capacity of Homemade Met-Mann Wine 2018
2018-11-29 PLRID-00135_V1 Dr Saw Thein Public Health Application of TB-LAMP for detection of pulmonary TB in Kyeemyindaing and South Dagon townships, Yangon, Myanmar 2018
2018-11-28 PLRID-00164_V1 Theingi Thwin Nutrition Community-based Infant and Young Child Feeding Intervention in Myanmar: Assessment of nutritional status of 5 to 18 months old children and breastfeeding practices of the mothers residing in the selected townships of Kayin State 2018
2018-11-27 PLRID-00108_V2 San Kyawt Khine Public Health Profile, geospatial distribution and delay in diagnosis of malaria cases in townships targeted for malaria elimination in Rakhine state, Myanmar 2018
2018-11-27 PLRID-00154_V2 Myo Ko Ko Zaw Public Health Trends in essential leprosy indicators in Myanmar during the post elimination era (2004-2018) and reasons for delay in diagnosis 2018
2018-11-27 PLRID-00162_V1 Tin Tin Mar Public Health Improved Data Utilisation Collected by GxAlert System for Informed Decision Making and Timely Interventions for National TB Programme, Myanmar 2018
2018-11-26 PLRID-00082_V1 Pyae Phyo Kyaw Preventive and Tropical Medicine Community’s Knowledge, Attitude and Perception of Japanese Encephalitis with Emphasis on Its Vaccination Programme and Assessment of Vector Population in Two Townships of Yangon Region, Myanmar 2018
2018-11-26 PLRID-00143_V2 WAH WAH KHAING OO Public Health Economic burden of type 2 diabetes mellitus and patients' experiences with anti-diabetes medications at tertiary hospital, Myanmar 2018
2018-11-26 PLRID-00161_V1 Maung Maung Mya Zoology Vector bionomics, potential vector and insecticide efficiency of a malaria endemic area, Ye Township, Mon State (2018-2019) 2018
2018-11-26 PLRID-00163_V1 Hnin Ohnmar Soe Virology Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Genotype Distribution and Hepatitis D Virus infection among HIV-HBV co-infected patients in Specialists Hospitals (Waibargi, Mingaladon and Thaketa), Yangon 2018
2018-11-24 PLRID-00121_V1 Khaing Nwe Tin Public Health Evaluation of Misoprostol Distribution for Prevention of Postpartum Haemorrhage by Auxiliary Midwives in Chin State, Myanmar 2018
2018-11-20 PLRID-00158_V1 Mya Mya Aye Bacteriology Detection of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter species from clinical samples of Yangon General Hospital 2018
2018-11-19 PLRID-00067_V4 Hpoo Pwint Myo Win Bacteriology Antibiotic resistance analysis of bacterial pathogens isolated from under five children presenting with Acute Respiratory Infection in Yangon Children Hospital (2018) 2018
2018-11-17 PLRID-00156_V1 Thazin La Public Health Uptake of HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C diagnostic services by people who inject drugs attending drop-in-centres at Yangon, 2016-2017: Mixed methods study 2018
2018-11-16 PLRID-00155_V2 Aye Mon Phyo Public Health Contact investigation of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients by community volunteers: A mixed-methods study from Myanmar 2019
2018-11-14 PLRID-00145_V3 Win Thaw Tar Lwin Public Health Determination of the Indoor Radon Concentration in Selected Primary Schools of Four Townships, Yangon Region 2018
2018-11-13 PLRID-00150_V2 Lwin Lwin Aye Public Health Assessment of Implementation of the Package of Essential Non-communicable Disease Interventions (PEN) in Myanmar: A Mixed Methods Study 2018
2018-11-12 HRID-00147_V1 Chris Beyrer AIDS/HIV Continuum of Care for MSM in Myanmar 2015
2018-11-09 PLRID-00138_V3 Sai Soe Thu Ya AIDS/HIV Performance and outcomes of routine viral load monitoring done at 12-months and at 6-months in people living with HIV newly initiating ART in the Integrated HIV care Programme in Myanmar between January 2016 and December 2017 2018
2018-11-06 PLRID-00149_V1 Kyaw Ko Ko Public Health Effects of Door to Door Eye Care Intervention to Improve Knowledge and Attitude on Cataract and Uptakes of Eye Care Services among Older People in Rural Area of Naypyitaw, Myanmar 2018
2018-11-02 PLRID-00146_V3 Htay Htay Tin Public Health Multicenter hospital based case-control study to identify determinants of leptospirosis in the Yangon region, Myanmar 2018
2018-10-09 PLRID-00130_V2 win kay khine Virology Molecular detection of Human Rhinovirus, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Influenza A Virus and Human Adenovirus infections in children with acute respiratory infection admitted to Yangon Children Hospital 2018
2018-10-03 PLRID-00016_V3 Si Thu Thein Preventive and Tropical Medicine Durability Monitoring of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets in Myanmar (36-month Assessment) 2018
2018-10-02 PLRID-00125_V1 Aye Marlar Win Bacteriology Seroprevalence and genetic characterization of Orientia tsutsugamushi Infection in Clinically suspected Scrub Typhus cases from Ye-U Township, Sagaing Region, Myanmar” 2018
2018-09-24 PLRID-00128_V1 Saint Saint Kyaw Thein Public Health Profile and treatment outcomes of childhood tuberculosis cases managed in the private sector in Myanmar 2018
2018-09-19 PLRID-00117_V2 Lwin Moe May Pharmacology Adverse drug reactions in patients admitted to Yangon General Hospital and 500 bedded Yangon Specialty Hospital During First Quarter of 2019 2018
2018-09-18 PLRID-00112_V1 Khaing Mar Zaw Nutrition Nutritional Status among Children under 10 years consuming Fortified Rice 2018
2018-09-17 PLRID-00090_V1 Nyein Ei Khine Virology Seroprevalance of Epstein-Barr virus antibodies in paediatric leukemia in Yangon Children Hospital, Myanmar 2018
2018-09-11 PLRID-00120_V1 WAH WAH AUNG Bacteriology Pyrazinamide resistance among multidrug/rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis patients in Yangon, Myanmar: prevalence, clinical characteristics and genetic determinants 2018
2018-09-10 PLRID-00053_V2 Wai Wai Han Public Health Primary Health Care Systems Strengthening in Hlegu Township at Yangon Region, Myanmar: Mid-term Evaluation (2018) 2018
2018-09-10 PLRID-00119_V1 Dr. Kyaw Thet Aung Public Health Role of community-based organizations and village health committees in improving community's access to health care 2018
2018-08-31 PLRID-00094_V1 Aung Ye Naung Win Public Health Enhancing implementation of an evidence-based knowledge transfer agenda to mitigate Japanese Encephalitis outbreaks in Ayeyawady Region of Myanmar 2018
2018-08-30 PLRID-00076_V2 Ye Kyaw Aung Preventive and Tropical Medicine Risk profiling and exploring provider preferences among malaria at-risk: mobile migrant ethnic and vulnerable populations 2018
2018-08-30 PLRID-00115_V1 Hlaing Myat Thu Virology Genetic Diversity of Dengue Virus in Selected Populations in Myanmar 2018
2018-08-27 PLRID-00113_V1 Aung Pyit Phyo AIDS/HIV An evaluation of pilot implementation of Project ECHO in Myanmar 2018
2018-08-23 PLRID-00087_V2 Win Lai May Paediatrics Estimated burden of paediatric non-communicable diseases in specialist hospitals in Yangon city 2018
2018-08-23 PLRID-00107_V2 MYAT HTUT NYUNT Parasitology Assessment of drug resistance molecular markers in asymptomatic malaria in migrant workers in Myanmar 2018
2018-08-21 HRID-00108_V1 San Kyawt Khine Public Health Evaluation of the performance of a highly-sensitive rapid diagnostic test (hsRDT) versus conventional RDT (cRDT), compared with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) as the gold standard, in reactive case detection of malaria infections in Rakhine State, Myanma 2017
2018-08-21 PLRID-00089_V1 Soe Soe Han Parasitology “Determination of in-vitro artemisinin sensitivity against Plasmodium falciparum parasites of NaungchoTownship” 2018
2018-08-17 PLRID-00102_V1 Than Than Lwin Oncology Clinical significance of D-dimer levels in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at Yangon Children Hospital 2018
2018-08-16 PLRID-00078_V2 Elizabeth Ashley Preventive and Tropical Medicine A cross-sectional study investigating the causes of pneumonia in two community clinics in two Yangon townships, Myanmar 2018
2018-08-15 PLRID-00093_V1 Ei Kyar Phyu Toe Public Health Review of Postgraduate theses/dissertations on Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Myanmar 2018
2018-08-15 PLRID-00098_V1 Khin Than Yee Biochemistry Biological Activities and Antivenom Assay of Myanmar Green Pit Viper Venom 2018
2018-08-14 PLRID-00101_V1 Nwe Oo Mon Public Health Continuation and satisfaction among contraceptive implant users in selected townships of Yangon: A mixed methods study 2018
2018-08-11 PLRID-00084_V1 LE LE KHAING Psychiatry Prevalence of and Risk factors for Dementia in Botahtaung Township, Yangon Region, Myanmar 2018
2018-08-10 PLRID-00052_V4 Saw Thi Dar Public Health Proposing the optimum Myanmar Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) Guidelines for local retail pharmacies 2018
2018-08-10 PLRID-00097_V4 Nandar Ko AIDS/HIV Abnormal cervical cytology patterns among human immunodeficiency virus infected women attending antiretroviral therapy center of PyinOoLwin Township 2018
2018-08-09 PLRID-00059_V2 May Me Thet Public Health Assessing the Effect of Strategic Purchasing Scheme on Health Seeking Behavior in Yangon, Myanmar - 2017 2018
2018-08-08 PLRID-00095_V1 Bo Bo Nyan Psychiatry Predicting Suicide Attempt Among People Who Inject Drugs 2018
2018-08-08 PLRID-00096_V1 Sai Zaw Min Oo Preventive and Tropical Medicine Feasibility and acceptability of implementing a new long lasting pyriproxyfen larvicide (SumiLarv®2MR) in dengue vector control in Hlaing Tharyar Township, Yangon: A Qualitative study 2018
2018-08-03 PLRID-00092_V1 Myo Nyi Nyi Obstetrics & Gynecology Angiogenic factors as biomarkers for the prediction of preeclampsia in high-risk women 2018
2018-07-30 PLRID-00068_V1 wesley Pryor Public Health The impact of aid investment on human resources development for orthotics and prosthetics: the case of Nippon Foundation and Exceed 2018
2018-07-25 PLRID-00074_V2 Khine Wut Yee Kyaw AIDS/HIV Outcomes of prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV transmission (PMTCT) program in Mandalay, Myanmar-a cohort study 2016
2018-07-25 PLRID-00074_V3 Khine Wut Yee Kyaw AIDS/HIV Linkage of HIV-positive pregnant women to prevention of mother to child services in Mandalay, Myanmar 2017
2018-07-24 PLRID-00067_V2 Hpoo Pwint Myo Win Bacteriology Characterization of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Streptococcus mitis group isolated from children with acute respiratory infection admitted to Yangon Children Hospital 2017
2018-07-23 PLRID-00009_V2 Khin Mi Mi Lay Physiology Exploring ways to promote body build of adolescents by measuring energy expenditure 2018
2018-07-23 PLRID-00086_V1 Thae Maung Maung Public Health Assessing the feasibility and acceptability of introducing misoprostol for incomplete abortion at selected township and station hospitals in Myanmar 2018
2018-07-20 PLRID-00080_V1 Khin Moe Aung Pathology Detection of common beta globin gene mutations on heterozygous beta thalassaemia including haemoglobin E among high school students 2018
2018-07-20 PLRID-00081_V1 KYAE MHON HTWE Nutrition Sugar sweetened beverages consumption patterns among medical students from Yangon and Magway 2018
2018-07-18 PLRID-00075_V1 Frank Smithuis Bacteriology Melioidosis in Myanmar: Environmental Sampling and Mapping of the geographic distribution of Burkholderia pseudomallei in Myanmar 0000
2018-07-17 PLRID-00074_V1 Khine Wut Yee Kyaw AIDS/HIV Growth pattern in children living with HIV in Integrated HIV care program, Myanmar 2018
2018-07-17 PLRID-00076_V1 Ye Kyaw Aung Public Health Factors associated with loss to follow-up from treatment among tuberculosis patients – A secondary data-analysis on The SUN PPM-DOTS register (2012-2016) 2018
2018-07-16 PLRID-00069_V1 Hsu Mon Aung Oncology Serum colon cancer specific antigen (CCSA 2) in patients undergoing colonoscopy attending colonoscopy clinic, YGH 2018
2018-07-13 PLRID-00010_V1 Myo Mie Mie Tun AIDS/HIV Factors affecting quality of life in people living with HIV 2018
2018-07-09 HRID-00007_V1 Moh Moh Htun Pathology Molecular typing of Human Papilloma Virus in oral mucosal lesions of potentially malignant and malignant cases 2013
2018-07-09 PLRID-00063_V1 Mi Mi Htwe Bacteriology Insertion Sequence IS6110 deficient Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from Yangon and Mandalay regions 2018
2018-07-04 PLRID-00043_V1 MO MO WIN Bacteriology Melioidosis in Myanmar: Environmental Sampling and Mapping of the geographic distribution of Burkholderia pseudomallei in Myanmar 2017
2018-07-04 PLRID-00066_V1 Khin Pyone Kyi Public Health A Community-Oriented Primary Care Model to Prevent Vertical Transmission of Hepatitis B in Peri-Urban Yangon, Myanmar 2018
2018-07-03 HRID-00040_V2 KAY THWE HAN Parasitology Exploration of helminthic diversities including zoonotic helminthes with their associated risk factors in Shwe Kyin township, Myanmar 2017
2018-07-03 HRID-00040_V4 KAY THWE HAN Parasitology Burden of malaria and co-infections in pregnant women 2013
2018-07-03 PLRID-00047_V1 Nang Thiri Htwe AIDS/HIV Evaluation of Antiretroviral Medication Adherence Counselling in Taunggyi, Southern Shan State, Myanmar 2018
2018-07-03 PLRID-00061_V2 Thet Wai Nwe AIDS/HIV Antiretroviral Therapy Coverage at Public and Private ART Centers and Sites in Myanmar 2018
2018-06-29 PLRID-00016_V2 Si Thu Thein Preventive and Tropical Medicine Assessing the relationship between LLIN material and LLIN usage in Myanmar 2018
2018-06-29 PLRID-00059_V1 May Me Thet Public Health Assessing the Effect of Strategic Purchasing Scheme on Health Seeking Behavior in Chin, Myanmar - 2018 2018
2018-06-27 PLRID-00045_V4 May Khin Than Nutrition Impact of enhanced homestead food production program on household food security, household economy and dietary patterns of women and children in Ayeyawady and Magway Regions, Myanmar 2018
2018-06-26 HRID-00057_V1 Tierra Smiley Evans Virology Epidemiology of zoonotic viruses in forest communities in a key biodiversity area of rural Myanmar 2017
2018-06-22 PLRID-00032_V1 Moe Thida Nursing Symptom experience, symptom management strategies and health related quality of life among patients with heart failure admitted to cardiac medical wards of three general hospitals in Myanmar 2018
2018-06-22 PLRID-00054_V1 Mu Mu Shwe Oncology Molecular Diagnosis of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in Oropharyngeal Cancer Patients attending Yangon General Hospital, Yangon 2018
2018-06-19 PLRID-00051_V1 Nay Lynn Public Health Aflatoxin M1 contamination in locally available cow milk 2018
2018-06-16 PLRID-00048_V1 Nay Nyi Nyi Lwin Public Health Private stakeholders’ perception on leveraging provider payment methods for both public and private sectors to help meet national health goals in Myanmar 2018
2018-06-12 PLRID-00034_V1 Thida Win Public Health Parental social capital and child undernutrition: a household based cross-sectional study in Myanmar 2018
2018-06-12 PLRID-00040_V2 KAY THWE HAN Parasitology Efficacy and safety of chloroquine for Plasmodium vivax in Kawthaung –Mawhtaung, Tanintharyi Region and Kyainseikkyi-Myawaddy, Kayin State in Myanmar. 2017
2018-06-12 PLRID-00040_V3 KAY THWE HAN Parasitology Efficacy and safety Pyronaridine-artesunate, and artemether-lumefantrine,for the treatment for uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Kyainseikkyi-Myawaddy, Kayin State in Myanmar 2017
2018-06-11 PLRID-00035_V1 Wint Wint Nyunt Public Health Improving Diagnosis of TB & HIV co-infected patients with Xpert MTB/RIF ULTRA assay in Yangon Region, Myanmar 2018
2018-06-11 PLRID-00037_V1 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Virology Evaluation of Three Commercially Available Dengue Rapid Diagnostic Kits that Detect Dengue NS1, IgM and IgG 2018
2018-06-11 PLRID-00037_V2 Aung Kyaw Kyaw Virology Active Screening of Inapparent Dengue Infection among Monastic School Children in Mandalay Region 2018
2018-06-11 PLRID-00040_V1 KAY THWE HAN Immunology Evaluation of malaria serological profile to estimate malaria exposure in Myanmar using microarray technology 2017
2018-06-07 PLRID-00033_V1 Thura Tun Oo Physiology Physical activity, cardiopulmonary fitness and cognitive performance in adolescents attending the Institute of Sports and Physical Education, Yangon 2018
2018-06-01 PLRID-00016_V1 Si Thu Thein Preventive and Tropical Medicine Private Sector Antimalarial Outlet Survey, Myanmar - 2017 2017
2018-05-31 PLRID-00009_V1 Khin Mi Mi Lay Physiology Longitudinal study of physical growth pattern, vitamin D and iron status of adolescent students attending Institutes of Sports and Physical Education (Mandalay and Taunggyi) 2018
2018-05-30 PLRID-00027_V1 Swe Le Mar Public Health The potential influence of the marketing strategies used by infant formula companies on perceptions of infant feeding practices for children under 2 years old in Yangon Region (Mixed-methods study) 2018
2018-05-25 HRID-00022_V1 Professor Khin Thida Thwin Medicine Improving health outcomes for snakebite patients in Myanmar 1970
2018-05-25 PLRID-00007_V1 Moh Moh Htun Pathology Molecular characterization of Epstein- Barr virus (EBV) in patients with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma attending in Haematology Units of Tertiary care Hospitals in Yangon 2017
2018-05-23 HRID-00016_V1 Si Thu Thein Preventive and Tropical Medicine Prevalence of malaria among workers employed on private worksites in Myanmar 2018
2018-05-22 HRID-00012_V1 Dr. Lwin Mar Hlaing Public Health Status and determinants of food insecurity and undernutrition in informal settlements in Yangon urban areas, Myanmar 2018
2018-05-03 HRID-00005_V1 Rie Takahahshi Public Health Baseline survey for the project “Support strengthening service delivery for maternal and newborn health in Kyaukkyi Township of Bago Region, Myanmar 2018
2018-05-03 HRID-00006_V1 Nang Thu Thu Kyaw AIDS/HIV Outcomes of hepatitis B and/or C co-infection in people living with HIV receiving care under Integrated HIV Care Program in Myanmar 2018
2018-04-27 PRID-00004_V1 Myo Win Htun Immunology Involvement of epigenetic factors under the influence of iron and arsenic uptake in the early development of hepatocellular carcinoma in Myanmar 2018
2018-04-23 HRID-00003_V1 Khine San Yin Pathology A study of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) mutation in Myanmar Patients with Adenocarcinoma Lung 0000
2018-03-23 HRID-00002_V1 Ohnmar Neurology A Multicentre, Collaborative, Prospective study to determine the association of Flaviviruses, and Arboviruses, including Dengue and Zika, with Guillian-Barre Syndrome in South and South-East Asia 2018
2018-03-23 PRID-00001_V1 Hnin Nandar Htut Public Health Accessing Sleep Quality among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in a Private Hospital, Yangon, Myanmar 2018